6 Weeks Industrial Training in Ruby on Rails


6 Weeks Industrial Training In Ruby on Rails

Problab Technologies  delivers Ruby on Rails training courses from beginner to advanced levels. All Ruby on Rails training is taught by industry-experienced instructors, who aim to make sure you learn everything needed to put your new skills into practice in the workplace.


Ruby on Rails Training Objectives

  • Know how to install and configure Ruby, Rails, and any associated packages
  • Understand the Rails request cycle
  • Explore the Model-View-Controller architecture for server-side applications
  • Learn to program the major components of Rails, including Active Record, Action Controller, and Action View
  • Learn Ruby fundamentals
  • Build data-driven applications with Rails
  • Perform test-driven development of Rails applications

Ruby on Rails Training Outline

  • Introduction
  • Operating System and Work Environment
  • Rails, Breadth First
  • Ruby Skills and Tools
  • Domain Modeling and ActiveRecord
  • Routing and Responses
  • Forms
  • Exploring ActiveRecord Techniques
  • Testing
  • Data Validation with ActiveRecord
  • Exploring ActionPack
  • Users and Bids
  • Using CSS and JavaScript
  • Ruby and Rails Resources
  • Conclusion

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