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Problab Technologies is well known Web development Company in Chandigarh, India providing internship training in  AngularJS in Chandigarh. Our Internship AngularJS training will equip the candidates with the knowledge and skills required to build featured internet applications using framework from Google ‘AngularJS’.

AngularJs training in Chandigarh,

What is AngularJS?

AngularJS is a very powerful JavaScript Framework. It is used in Single Page Application (SPA) projects. It extends HTML DOM with additional attributes and makes it more responsive to user actions. AngularJS is open source, completely free, and used by thousands of developers around the world. It is licensed under the Apache license version 2.0.

Pre request

You should have a basic understanding of JavaScript and any text editor. As we are going to develop web-based applications using AngularJS, it will be good if you have an understanding of other web technologies such as HTML, CSS, AJAX, etc.

Training Features:

  • Well planned course structure.
  • Customized individual training for experienced candidate.
  • Free demo classes before joining.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranty.
  • Job migration and Interview preparation.

Course content

  • Getting Started
    – What is Angular js?
    – Difference between Angular vs Jquery?
    – Comparison with other UI template engine (Ember, backbone, knockout)?
    – Setting up and creating your first angular template?
  • Angular Components
    – Directives
    – Modules
    – Controller
    – Expression
  • Angular Templates
    – View and Template
    – Model and Controller
    – Scope
  • Filters
    – Uppercase
    – Lowercase
    – Currency
    – Filter
    – Orderby
    – Date
    – Limit
  • Binding
    – One way data binding
    – Two way data binding
  • Working with
    – Images
    – Functions
    – Show/hide
    – Iterator
    – Array
    – Include
    – View
  • UI-grid
    – Static table
    – Ajax integrated grid
    – Working with pagination
    – Adding custom operation to table
  • Form handling
    – Form submission
    – Validation and adding css colors
    – Custom validation
  • Router
    – $routeProvider
    – Creating MCV layer
    – Ng view to create single page application
  • Working with rest APIr
    – $http
  • Dependency Injection
    – $log
    – s&timeout
  • Writing custom directive
    – Attribute
    – Elements

Why Choose Us for AngularJS training in Chandigarh?

  • 1. Experienced Trainer
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  • 3. Interview sessions by professional expert
  • 4. Life time membership card
  • 5. Free Web hosting service
  • 6. Bonus problem solving classes
  • 7. Free domain for live projects

Internship Training in AngularJS in Chandigarh  is a modular 6 weeks/Month  course, regularized over 5 days a week, 2 hrs a day, and exclusively includes practical sessions.

Course: AngularJS Training in Chandigarh
Duration: 2 – 6 Months, Internship in AngularJS Development in Chandigarh
Problab Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
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