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ORM is an acronym for Online Reputation Management and its significance can be understood very well with Benjamin Franklin’s words that say, “It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation and only one bad one to lose it”. The same is true in the world of online business. Just as good reviews help you build a good image on the World Wide Web, similarly the bad reviews can bring down your image and reputation in few minutes only. So who can help you out in building a good reputation online? of course, the ORM experts at Problab Technologies can bring out positive results for your site.


Does Your Company Or You Have Negative Mentions Online?

Luckily, a thorough online reputation management (ORM) campaign can do wonders in solving this particular problem and showcase to your target market the very best of you! With Online Reputation Management (ORM) Services, you can:

  • Take control of your image over the internet.
  • Enhance visibility of your positive mentions and those of your business.
  • Manage criticism to remove it if at all possible, or hide it if not.
  • Stay vigilant as well as proactive.

If you’re being troubled by negative mentions or online defamation, our Online Reputation Management Solutions is your answer. If your individual or business search results online are the victim of unfair reviews, obsolete information, or rival slander, we’d choose to talk about your situation and see how we are able to help.

Our ORM Expert Provides Following Services

Preemptive Strike

Google’s organic listings have listed top reason for bad publicity of a company to negative reputation. Inbound links are generated when negative reviews target high-ranking web pages. ORM stops the exposure of bad press.

Controlling Negative Publicity

Here reverse SEO tactics are implemented to push back negative press from the listings of top searches. Online Reputation Management is a part of reverse SEO.

ORM Strikes Of Negative Press

Before the appearance of bad publicity, online reputation management starts its campaign. Negative press spread at lightning speed which could be tackled only by an upfront campaign through ORM.

Creation Of Quality Blog Posts

One of the best modes to confront bad publicity is not to give in to impulsive reactions. Rather than that our Online Reputation Managers create quality blog posts highlighting your company progress.

Why Choose our ORM Expert?

1. Dedicated IT Partner

We work in collaboration with our clients as their technology partners and believe in winning the competition.

2. 100% Transparency

Everything is clear on the plate. We try to keep it straight and simple making it a good healthy relationship.

3. Your decided Timezone

We prefer to work in 3 planned shift model. This enables us to work with various companies all across the globe.

4. One Stop Shop

You can get professional with unmatched experience in various innovative technologies as well as creative solutions.

5. Quality Culture

With proper power of decision making as well promoting ethics and leadership, we build quality culture and service.


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