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PPC is a one the ways of Digital Marketing in which advertiser requires to pay to website owner if someone click on their advertisement. PPC (Pay Per Click) is directly connected with Search engine optimization and Search engine marketing features of the website and the advertisement campaign. Though PPC is totally depend on client budget and bids, but indeed it far effective as well. Hiring a PPC expert is always efficient and effective strategy to get quality traffic in a short time.

Problab Technologies Pvt. Ltd.  has certified PPC experts – they have right knowledge and experience of paid marketing. They setup links or website pages to promote your website product or services in a way that your ongoing traffic will go up. Our PPC specialists are well skilled in wide-ranging keyword research and analysis that facilitate the search ranking to be at top worldwide. Our PPC experts have their own methodology to develop the level of your brand/services and maintain the consistency of higher ranking of your product or services online.

PPC Process Management:

Hire PPC experts as they hold expertise in the discipline of online marketing and with an adaptable approach. They provide:

  • Competitor research
  • Keyword research
  • Develop campaign structure
  • Create adverts to test
  • Landing page development
  • Conversion tracking
  • Monitor results

Our PPC Expert is specialized in :

  •  Strong Competitors Research and Analysis
  •  Powerful Keyword Research and Analysis
  • Strategic Keyword Ad Group Segmentation
  •  PPC Ad Copy formation
  •  Money Saving Bidding and Geo Targeting
  •  Landing Page Development
  •  Landing Page Optimization
  • Setting Up Of The PPC Campaign
  • Measurement of PPC ROI
  •  Call to Action setup
  •  Revenue Conversion Analysis

Once you get our PPC person for your business, the entire PPC campaign for your website will be managed by the PPC expert thus saving your lot of time and money. You can easily hire our dedicated PPC expert or team on hourly, daily, weekly or even monthly basis.

Why you should hire PPC Expert?

  •  Adwords Certified
  • Increased return on Investment through stunning techniques
  •  Increased earnings
  •  Extensive Keyword Research and analysis
  •  Useful input bid management
  •  Efficient management of cost per click (CPC)
  •  Speedy increase in online visibility
  •  Attractive Ad design with call to action
  • Traffic measurement reporting through Google Analytics

We are Google certified company itself, so obliviously; our PPC experts are trained and knowledgeable in Google Adwords management to offer you with utmost benefit of their expertise. Our Google Adwords expert will setup a winning campaign so that your PPC marketing hard work pays in the best possible way for your business.

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