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Social Media Optimization popularly known as SMO is the hottest method of promotion in the current Internet Marketing industry. Social media optimization is associated with search engine marketing but still it differs in some ways; it basically focuses on to drive the traffic from sources rather than search engines. Successful SMO not only creates your brand identity online but also helps to improve search ranking.

Key Responsibilities Of A Dedicated Social Network Marketing Expert

  • Keeping the track of the changing social network technologies and its effective use
  • Meeting the challenges of integrating social networking environment with the real time business requirements
  • Maximizing the audience inflow, acquisition of new customers and high end customer retention
  • Offering quality long term referral traffic and organic ranking benefits at very affordable rates.

Primary social network marketing solutions

  • Blog Marketing
  • Podcast Marketing
  • RSS Distribution
  • Forums
  • Press Release Optimization
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Viral promotions

Our Process

We offer our clients a reliable and trustworthy service to hire social media consultant that can turn around the performance of your business by making it more visible, interactive, and user-centric.


Our Dedicated Social Network Marketing Experts Helps In

  • Spreading the overall brand awareness through various social media websites.
  • Increasing targeted traffic to your business websites.
  • Building brand identity in presence in the very competitive online marketplace.
  • Offering clients maximum online exposure using popular social media marketing network viz. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Achieving high return on investment
  • Attaining more concise audience targeting
  • Improving community engagement by adding more people to your network
  • Offering real time reporting and tracking interface to view detailed statistics
  • Promoting your businesses with news, forum, blog, social bookmarking and other modes of audience engagement.

Advantages of Hiring Dedicated SMO Expert from Problab

  • Our ready to be hired SMO staff provide affordable as well as high quality SMO services who will work full time exclusively for you. The SMO expert you hire will take the responsibility of getting good number of followers on social media profiles, relevant traffic as well as help building brand for your website online.
  • The hired SMO expert will be available full time and you can talk directly with the dedicated SMO staff via email or chat messengers like skype, gtalk, yahoo messenger, msn messenger etc.
  • Our ready to hire dedicated SMO experts are all based in India as well as have been provided professional training for the job. With years of experience in website promotion and optimization for different types of websites, they are capable of producing quick effective results for our clients.
  • Our ready to hire SMO professionals understand your business well as well as try to find new markets for your website and optimize your website respectively. They expertise in depth social media websites, analysis and also target local market which generate most effective leads.


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