How We Work?


What We Do?

We build, test, deploy, and maintain custom software applications. We’re always perfecting our development process, which leads to smarter software and a low-stress experience.

  1. Shape your idea or project

    We work with you to think through the intricacies of your idea. We use tools like product roadmaps, wireframes, mockups, and user stories.

  2. Build your application

    We focus on stress-free software development. We use best-of-breed agile development processes to deliver exceptional project management—and of course code—to your organization.

  3. Improve your application

    Once your product launches, we’ll continue to build features and support the application as necessary.

What to Expect From Us

You’ll get consistently good results with minimal frustration because of the processes and tools we use.

  • Constant Communication

    When you work with SmartLogic, you have direct access to the designers and developers working on your project. There’s no middleman: you always talk with the web and mobile developers who best understand your project.

  • High-Levels of Organization

    Whether creating software, mobile applications or web applications, our team of app developers and designers is highly-organized, ensuring you have a transparent view of exactly where your project stands at all times.

  • Good Planning

    Before we begin an iteration of work we ensure we have thoroughly defined the work we’ll complete, leading to better, more effective software for you.

  • The Best Code

    Our team follows best practices—including using source code control, behavior- and test-driven development, pair programming, continuous integration, and more.

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