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HTML to WordPress Theme Conversion

The Problab Technologies offer HTML to WordPress conversion services to consumers and businesses all over the globe. We’ve done HTML to WordPress conversions for individuals, businesses, and non-profits organizations, empowering them with the ability to easily update their website content without the need for a webmaster.

We offer all-inclusive HTML to WordPress conversion services. That means we will convert your website, install it and make sure everything is in working order before handing over the keys.

Our team helps clients all over the world convert their existing websites to WordPress. We are professional, who will convert your website, by hand, to the WordPress platform – some in as little as 3 business days. Any CMS, shopping cart, or programming language can be converted to WordPress – no matter how complex. Request your risk-free estimate today.

Are you considering building a static, boring website from an HTML template?  Have you spent countless hours trying to find the just right template; but cant manage to get things to work  or line up right?  Problab Technologies has the experience to convert your existing html website to WordPress using the latest in WordPress development, web industry standards, while providing top-notch customer support coupled with elegant form and function.  Let us convert your HTML website to WordPress and start entering your content online yourself.

Why You Should Convert HTML to WordPress:

  1. SEO – WordPress provides good search engine optimization (SEO) right out of the box. There are a few tweaks you need to make, but there are many SEO benefits that WordPress provides for free.  An interface to allow users to change meta information and tweaking your website for the optimal visitors is simple with WordPress.  Managing your SEO meta information per page is fairly helpful too.
  2. Content – it is easy to update content on your website without knowing HTML.  Do you hate the idea of having to learn to use a complex HTML editor tool like Dreamweaver? Do you have to go and find your webmaster every time you want to make a small change to your website? With WordPress, this is no longer the case – once WordPress is set up for you, you can easily create new pages or edit existing pages using a simple rich text editor.
  3. Plugins – There are a large number of developers creating themes and plug-ins for WordPress – imagine having the ability to extend your website with online surveys, contact forms, rating systems, events, or hundreds of thousands of other cool features — all without having to hire a web developer.
  4. Support – If you do have problems, or want to add very custom features, it is easy to find support and developers who can help you. We are listed on Code Poet – so we’re probably qualified to help you sort things out…

Our Process

  1. Supply Your HTML Files – This step of the overall process is pretty straightforward and hardly involves a setup. Upon finalizing the order, you can provide us your HTML. We accept different versions that include HTML5, XHTML, or for that matter, the most basic HTML versions.
  2. Review By Our Expert – Once we have your HTML files, our project manager will thoroughly analyze them and revert with doubts and queries. If you have any bespoke requirements, you can communicate the same. Our project manager will then communicate the final specifications and timelines.
  3. Delivering Final Theme Files – The theme is developed with precise implementations and inputs. The UI and functional specifications you chart out are duly integrated with the theme, paying close attention to detail. Once approvals are granted, the files are delivered.
Why Clients Choose Problab Technologies?
  • To extend the satisfactory level of website owners as well as for the website users
  • visualize client’s ideas in web pages the way he needs at a better price.
  • Help the customers to increase their bandwidth across the globe through a powerful website. Also help them to attain the maximum benefit of a website.
  • The web page should have design matching to industry and information about products and services. The homepage design should attract the visitors to the inner pages, which in results new leads.
  • Provide better quality web pages with easy navigation system, latest technologies and well-optimized web pages, which is compatible to all browsers.
  • The proper way of laying contents in web pages with nice colors attract the web visitor to go in to the inner web pages.
  • Deliver creative web pages, which are optimized for search engines.
  • Deliver the right solutions and web products in scheduled time with standard quality measures.

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