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Logo Designing Company in Chandigarh – Problab Technolgies is the best Logo Designing Company in Chandigarh who provides the best and design logos for business niche. So, if you want to design logo for your brand, Contact Problab Technologies @9878873077.

Problab Technologies Pvt. Ltd.  gets its birth in the year 2010. The idea behind the birth of Our company is to provide new ideas to consumers to expand their business and make it visible to the world through our Logo Designing services in Chandigarh. Problab Technologies is providing a step to its customers in the form of LOGO to become Market Leaders. It doesn’t matter to us how large is your company, because our aim is to work with any company and become the reason behind it for making that company big.

Best Logo Designing Company in Chandigarh

logo design services in chandigarh

We have been providing Cost effective and quality Logos to small, medium and large industries/ companies/business. We understand the need of your business and start our work from the starch in order to give the best and memorable Logo for your industry/company/business. Give us the opportunity to serve you and we will cross our boundaries to give you the best Logo Design.

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What is Logo?

A Logo is a symbol or a icon  used by a company or organization in order to promote and  make them recognition in public. Logos may also be shown in the form of images ie symbols or icons otherwise logos can be made in the name of the organisation ie Word mark.

Need of a Logo?

A logo is basically a reflection of your entire company which is visualised by a customer in the form of symbol or icon way. A logo is useful to seek the attention of consumers and helps them to recognise your company for a long period. Eg. The Logo of NIKE, when we look at their swoosh logo, we immediately find that it’s a shoe company Nike. There are so many examples like this. This is the reason for us to  design Logo with uniqueness that your company gets visible with customers and make a different mark in the market.

Colour in a Logo is also a very important part in differentiating your company. Today if a website of a company is important likewise a Logo with different idea is also very important to the company. More the company comes in consumer’s word of mouth, more its business grows. So before starting a business, companies do enough brainstorming for their LOGO. Logo has become a mandate for the growth of business/company/ industries.

Logo Designing Company in Chandigarh
  • The Logo Design Brief:

This is the initial phase where the client briefs us on their requirement. To get better clarity, we usually send out a logo design questionnaire for the client to fill up.

  • Brand Research:

Once we are fully clear on the requirement, our branding guys start on the job. We research the brand’s current positioning in the market and analyze its strengths and weakness. We compare the brand with its direct and indirect competitors. We share the outcome of the research with the client, providing roadmap on how the logo should be positioned.

  • Concept Creation:

Once the client gives a green signal on our approach, the design team starts developing design mockups. Unlike several other logo design companies, our mockups are fully designed logos and not sketches or scribbles. We present around 6-7 initial designs.

  • Client Feedback:

We expect our clients to actively participate in the logo design process and provide constructive feedback on each design option. We get back to the drawing board to rework on the designs based on the feedback. Two levels of iterations will be carried out.

  • Collateral Designs:

Once the logo design is finalized, we proceed to creating design templates for collaterals like business cards, letterheads, envelops, PowerPoint and Microsoft Word. We will also provide the logo file in several file formats including Jpeg, Tiff, EPS and PSD. For logo design projects for larger business entities, we also deliver a detailed logo user manual and design templates for uniforms, company vehicles, billboards etc.

A logo design project usually takes up to 2 weeks

Our Logo Design Services in Chandigarh:

We know how competitive is the world now and how badly is the need of  a Logo in every business/company/industry. So we are offering the best service in almost every field.

Logo Design – We do logo design for almost every part of business. We put our ideas and give you the satisfied results. This helps you to make your company visible and competitive in the market for many years. Here are some categories:

  • Food Logo Design
  • Real Estate Logo Design
  • Apparel Logo Design
  • Software logo Design
  • Education Logo Design
  • Telecom Logo Design
  • Transport Logo Design
  • Beauty Salon Logo Design
  • Hospitality Logo Design
  • E-Commerce Logo Design
  • Recruitment Logo Design
  • Furniture Logo Design
  • Automobile Logo Design
  • Logo Repair/ Redesign – There are many times t

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