Professional Iphone App Development Training


Professional Iphone Training in Chandigarh:

Welcome to our iPhone Training and app Development Company  known as Problab technologies Pvt. Ltd.,  the industry’s leading provider of production-based training programs in mobile app development training in chandigarh.

iphone app development training in chandigarh

Want to learn iphone app development in Chandigarh?

Then Problab Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is the right place for you. With more than 5 years experience of teaching iphone game design to young Indians gamers, freshers Problab Technologies provides the right knowledge and platform for those who aspiring to make career in iphone app development. It’s been a tremendous experience for Problab Technologies of creating talented pool of Iphone app developers for the Indian Mobile development industry .


To attend this iOS App Training course you must have prior experience of programming with at least one of the following object-oriented programming languages:

  •  C or C++,
  •  Actionscript
  • Objective-C (this is ideal, although the basics of the language are covered on the course.)

Iphone App Development Training Syllabus:

Objective C

  • Classes , Properties , Categories and Protocols.
  • Control statements and loops in objective C
  • Working with Arrays and Dictionaries
  • Working with Foundation Classes
  • Understanding run-time environment.

Memory Management

  • Understanding the Memory leaks.
  • Reference Counting algorithm.
  • ARC

iPhone SDK

  • Introduction to iPhone SDK.
  • Introduction to xcode.
  • COCOA Touch Framework.
  • iOS Application Architecture.

Views and Views Controller

  • View
  • ViewController
  • View Life cycle.
  • Basic Controls – Labels, Button , TextField , Slider etc

Advanced Views and Controller

  • TableView
  • TableView Controller
  • Picker View , Date Picker
  • Scroll View
  • Web View
  • Navigation and Tab bar Controller

Interface Builder

  • Understanding Interface builder
  • Understanding XIB files.
  • Creating Outlets and Actions.

Data Storage

  • Directory structure of an iOS App.
  • Using SQLite database.
  • Using Core Data .
  • Property List.
  • User Defaults

XML and Web Services

  • XML Parser .
  • JSON Parser.
  • SOAP based web service
  • REST web service.

Touches and Gestures

  • Handling the touch events.
  • Handling Gestures.


  • Playing Audio file.
  • Playing short sounds.
  • Playing Video on iPhone.


  • Displaying Map in iOS App.
  • Working with Pin Annotations.
  • Handling the Map region.

Working with Storyboard

  • Using Storyboard to design the app.
  • Using Segues
  • Passing data from One Controller to another

Handling Different Screen Sizes

  • Programmatically controlling the views
  • Using springs and struts model
  • AutoLayout


  • Multithreading in an iO App
  • Using NSThread
  • Using GCD ( Grand Central Dispatch )


  • NSNotification and NSNotificationCenter
  • Working with UILocalNotifications
  • APNS ( Apple Push Notification Service ) Overview

Using Camera

  • Capturing image using camera
  • Getting the images from the Image Gallery.

Accessing Device Sensors

  • Accelerometer
  • GPS

Mails and SMS

  • Sending mail and SMS from an App.

Transitioning to the iPad

    • SplitView Controller
    • PopOver Controller


  • Installing and testing an App on iOS Device.
  • Publishing an app to the App Store

Course Objectives

At the end of the week, you will be equipped to develop iOS apps through an understanding of:

  • X-Code, and how to program in Objective-C
  • The basics of an iPhone/iPad application
  • Parse XML feeds available from the internet, and make use of the Web View Controller
  • Multimedia functions – how to play audio and video files
  • Use of the GPS and Map Kit functions
  • How to publish an iPhone/iPad application

Benefits of Problab Technologies iPhone Training in Chandigarh:

Learning iPhone application development from the experts themselves has its own advantages like:

  • Gaining training from renowned trainers from Industry.
  • Learning all theories in practical ways.
  • Regular revisions of topics taught in previous classes.
  • Breakdown of complex iPhone and ipad programming jargons into simple ones to follow language.
  • Know the tips, tricks and time saving coding techniques that tech gurus follow to develop applications.

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