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 Ruby on Rails Training in Chandigarh

Problab Technologies  delivers Ruby on Rails training courses from beginner to advanced levels. All Ruby on Rails training is taught by industry-experienced instructors, who aim to make sure you learn everything needed to put your new skills into practice in the workplace.


Ruby on Rails Training Objectives

  • Know how to install and configure Ruby, Rails, and any associated packages
  • Understand the Rails request cycle
  • Explore the Model-View-Controller architecture for server-side applications
  • Learn to program the major components of Rails, including Active Record, Action Controller, and Action View
  • Learn Ruby fundamentals
  • Build data-driven applications with Rails
  • Perform test-driven development of Rails applications


  • Basic programming knowledge (java, php, cakephp, c , c++, dot net, Python)
  • For experienced web developers who are new to Rails
  • JavaScript and other scripting language programmers who want to learn Rails
  • Java programmers eager to master web application development

Ruby on Rails Training Outline

      • Introduction
    • Operating System and Work Environment
      • The Command Line
      • Disk Space and Organization
      • Software Requirements
    • Rails, Breadth First
      • Welcome to Ruby on Rails
      • What Rails Does (and Does for You)
      • Inside MVC in Rails
      • How Separate are the MVC Layers?
      • A Guided Tour of a Small (But Working!) Rails App
      • The Rails Application Directory Structure
      • Connecting to a Rails Application
      • The Rails Request/Response Cycle
      • Some Pre-Auction Housekeeping
    • Ruby Skills and Tools
      • Running Ruby Programs
      • IRB (Interactive Ruby)
      • Objects and Methods
      • Classes
      • Strings and Numbers
      • Symbols
      • Arrays
      • Hashes
      • Modules
      • Control Flow and Conditionals
      • Instance Variables and Attributes
      • Iterators
      • Sorting Collections
      • Filtering Collections
    • Domain Modeling and ActiveRecord
      • ActiveRecord Overview
      • Domain Modeling, Ruby, and Rails
      • Programming the Domain
      • Creating the Database Tables
      • The Rails Application Console
    • Routing and Responses
      • The Rails Request/Response Cycle
      • URL Recognition and Routing
      • Named Routes and URL Generation
      • Resource Routing
      • Creating Controllers and Views
      • Understanding ERB Templates
    • Forms
      • Displaying and Processing Forms in Rails
    • Exploring ActiveRecord Techniques
      • Getting into ActiveRecord
      • Refining AR Associations
      • Many-to-Many Associations with “Through”
      • Miscellaneous Custom Methods in the Models
      • ActiveRelation Basics
    • Testing
      • Ruby’s Test Framework
      • From Minitest to Rails Testing
      • Functional Tests
    • Data Validation with ActiveRecord
      • Validating ActiveRecord Objects
      • The Role of the Controller in Validating Data
      • Examples of Selected Validation Methods
    • Exploring ActionPack
      • ActionPack, the Composite Library
      • Custom Helper Methods
      • Partial Templates
      • The Session Hash
      • Controller Filters
      • Differential Responses
      • XML with Builder
    • Users and Bids
      • Consolidating Your Gains
      • The Results
    • Using CSS and JavaScript
      • The Basic Asset Pipeline Architecture
      • AJAX
    • Ruby and Rails Resources
  • Conclusion

Course Includes

  • We’ll always be working on real applications.
  • Labs where you will work in pairs to solve problems and implement features.
  • Quizzes and Assignments to make sure you get a chance to practice the material.
  • A class wiki with lecture summaries, additional resources, notes, and videos.
  • Code on github you can always review and look at.

Why Problab Technology Pvt. Ltd. :-

  • Well known Organization in Indian.
  • Well qualified, certified & experienced trainers.
  • Large infrastructure for theory & lab classes.
  • Updated syllabus from IT industry for study with live projects.
  • HR preparation for Job & Placements like: – Apti, GD, CV preparation and many more…
  • Placement assistance from all over India for all.


Professional Training in Ruby on Rails in Chandigarh  is a modular 6 weeks course, regularized over 5 days a week, 2 hrs a day, and exclusively includes practical sessions

Course: Ruby on Rails Training in Chandigarh
Duration: 20 – 30 Days, Ruby on Rails Training in Chandigarh
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