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Professional Drupal Development in Chandigarh:

    Problab technologies Pvt. Ltd. provides you advance and professional Drupal Training in Chandigarh with live projects. Whether you are thinking for Drupal Training in Chandigarh or online training from anywhere of the world, you will find us the best and we will meet up to your expectation.

Drupal training in chandigarh

    Drupal is an open Source software which is very popular in the world because of its easy to learn and advance features. Seeing its popularity we have paid special attention on Drupal training. Our course has been designed by the Drupal expert so that its complete job-oriented and also easy to learn.


Basic knowledge of Drupal and theme.Good knowledge of PHP/MySql.

Introduction to Drupal

  • Introduction to CMS.
  • Drupal Vs core PHP CMS.
  • Structure of CMS.
  • Introduction to Drupal.
  • Drupal Layers.
  • Benefit of Drupal over other CMS.
  • Differences Between Drupal 7 & Drupal 8.

Installing Drupal

  • System requirements of Drupal
  • Installation Drupal
  • Database Settings File Checklist
  • Drupal Installation using Bitnami exe file

Drupal – Basic Site configuration

  • Add/Update/Delete Content
  • Editor installation and configuration
  • Understanding Content Type
  • Creating Content Type
  • Url setting and publishing options


  • Custom menu.
  • Creating Menus & Submenus.
  • Setting menu into block
  • Assign menu in region
  • Administration Menus

Drupal – Themes

  • Installing new theme
  • Theme configuration
  • Switching themes
  • Theme location
  • How to duplicate a theme

Drupal – Content Management

  • Creating Content
  • CCK add-ons and field types
  • Adding New fields with CCK
  • Display management of added fields
  • Image upload with CCK field
  • Image upload using Editor

 User Administrator

  • Creating User
  • Creating Roles
  • User settings
  • Assigning Permissions

Drupal Theme customization(Project-1)

  • Convert XHTML into Drupal
  • Making XHTML site dynamic using drupal
  • Complete first project
  • We assign task for home for another XHTML to Drupal conversion

Drupal – Commonly Used Modules

  • Views
  • Pathauto
  • Nice Menu
  • Tokens
  • Ctools
  • Admin_menu
  • ajax_comments
  • Deval
  • drupalchat
  • backup_migrate
  • flexslider
  • ckeditor
  • social media
  • views_slideshow
  • page_title
  • metatag
  • quicktabs
  • imce
  • panels
  • entity

Views & Panels

  • Introduction to View Module
  • Creating Views
  • Display View in Page and Block
  • Introduction to Panels Module
  • Creating Page Panels
  • Layout Selection
  • Content Adding to Panel

Template Development Part- (Project-2)

  • Understanding Drupal theme Structure
  • Files required for a theme
  • Creating .info file
  • Creating Regions
  • Creating template.php file
  • Completing a new project

Template Development Part- (Project -3)

  • How to separate Home page from inner page
  • How to design each page differently
  • How to design each post type differently

Drupal PDO – Database Management

  • Understanding Database structure in Drupal
  • Insert/Update/Delete query in Drupal

Module Development

  • Understanding Module architecture
  • Difference Between core module and custom module
  • Introduction to Drupal Hooks
  • Creating Our First Module
  • Introduction to Creating Forms in Drupal
  • Introduction to Creating Blocks
  • Create a module which contains self table creating, front page creating and back end creating.

Performance Tuning in Drupal

  • CSS Short hands Usage
  • Minifying images
  • Test website in Google page Speed
  • Limiting HTTP Requests in a Page
  • PHP Standards
  • Javascript Minifying
  • Zipping the Server Files
  • Mysql Query Optimization Techniques

SEO Management

  • Meta Data Handling
  • URL Redirection
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Page Titles
  • Drupal Supported SEO Modules

Drupal Project Deployment

  • Theme deployment
  • Module deployment
  • Database Deployment
  • Pages Redirection


  • What is Uber cart?
  • Install ubercart
  • Add categories/products in ubercart
  • Customize Ubercart theme
  • Payment gateway drupal

Why Choose us For Drupal Training?

  •  No appointed staff – All lectures teach by our industry Expert
  • No registration / Examination payment
  • First 3 lessons, free of cost – trial classes
  •  Proficiency in the most recent Drupal version
  •  All preparation on live projects
  •  We provide Drupal training certification
  • We get ready our learner for interviews
  • We offer 5 Drupal  EBooks (at no cost)
  • We give online money making tips (adsense/affiliate)
  •  100% job support


Professional Training in Drupal Course in Chandigarh  is a modular 6 weeks course, regularized over 5 days a week, 2 hrs a day, and exclusively includes practical sessions

Course: Drupal Training in Chandigarh
Duration: 20 – 30 Days, Drupal training in Chandigarh
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