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SMM Training in Chandigarh

SMM Training in Chandigarh { Social Media Marketing } is the part of digital marketing or internet marketing that help to create more traffic on the websites becoming a marketing trend these days. Our SMM Training in Chandigarh Motive is to create content in such a way that attract peoples and they share it on the social websites which is helpful in exposure of company brand and easy to customer reach.

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We Provide SMM training in Chandigarh { Social Media Marketing course } which covers every concept of Social Management which is helpful to understand the meaning of Social media training.

Social media courses are not common and most of the people are not awarded about it so for this we just want to say that each and every person is welcome to join this course and earn by your own. Problab Technologies Pvt. Ltd. provides the SMM course in Chandigarh as well as the India level as our level best. If you are interested in knowing about new technologies then we hearty welcomes you.

What is Social Media Marketing?

As we talk about SMM then it the part of digital marketing where through social sites like face book, twitter, Google+, jumbler etc marketing runs. Such social sits which commonly used by people are used for promotion for brands, companies etc.

Digital Marketing is just a simple word but it contains many concepts SEO, SMO, SMM, etc which is the most popular business in these days. Working setting at home without any stresses of company and boss and earn according to your caliber your needs everyone wants this type of job and digital marketing is the only answer.

Why Most of the Businesses are Using Social Media Marketing?

  • Develop Relationships: SMM is the easiest and attractive way to develop relationship because partners, vendors even customers are easily catchable everyday reason mostly people used these sites every day.
  • Build Reach: With the help of SMM business get their message delivered through all social media channels. Social sites users get updates from friends and also get the updates of brand and new ads.
  • Brand promotions: Social media is the best opportunity to raise brand name and fame which automatically helps to increase customers.
  • Aggregate users: Social Media is one of the best and cheapest stages for entire audience to know the grand total of the sale before starting the business.

SMM Training in Chandigarh – Syllabus

Google+ Marketing

  • Page setup
  • Profile setup
  • Google+local
  • Google+hangout
  • Author rank

Facebook Marketing

  • Facebook advertising
  • Facebook useful apps
  • Facebook social plug-in
  • FaceBook account setups
  • Options on face book {page, post, profile, groups}.
  • Promotion steps
  • Content creation strategy; work with different type of content and delivery of content and Edge rank.
  • Generating likes and shares.

Twitter Marketing

  • Benefits of twitter.
  • Design twitter page
  • Hash Tags
  • Creation of profile and its management

Social Media Sharing

  • Pinterest
  • Slideshare
  • Stumbleupon
  • Scribed


  • Why blogging is used
  • WordPress blogging platform
  • Blog setup and content strategy
  • Plug-in used for blog

LinkedIn Marketing

  • Creating profile
  • Company page on LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn pages and groups

Video marketing

  • Creating , designing ,monetizing ,videos on YouTube channels

Why Problab Technologies for SMM Training in Chandigarh

  • We provide CSMMP {certified social media marketing professional} certificate to our students.
  • We covered the full fleshed syllabus mentioned above.
  • Our Aim is to provide you the best media training classes.
  • Teach you how to develop post, how to write content, how to create and manage the profile.
  • Provides you   corporative, technical and healthy environment.
  • Classes are on daily bases no issue of time.
  • Training based on latest techniques of social marketing
  • Training based on particle and theoretical based which is helpful you to clear your interview.
  • As an IT Company and training institute in Chandigarh we fully satisfied you with our services and teaching skills of our faculty.

Course : SMM (Social Media Marketing) Training in Chandigarh.
Duration : 3O – 45 Days, SMM Training in Chandigarh.

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